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CBCS 103-ON: Faith & Authority

Welcome & Introduction

This course combines two important themes – biblical faith and biblical authority. You will discover what faith is, what faith does, and how faith lives. You will discover that you have authority over all the power of the enemy because Satan (the devil) was totally defeated by Jesus Christ through His death, burial, and resurrection. Finally, you will learn how to effectively live by faith and exercise your God-given authority.

Credit Value

This course has a 3-credit hour value.

Course Description


  • Foundations for Faith by Kenneth E. Hagin
  • The Believer’s Authority by Kenneth E. Hagin
  • Walking by Faith by Kenneth E. Hagin


  • Ever Increasing Faith by Smith Wigglesworth


  • Read all the required textbook(s)
  • Complete textbook quizzes
  • Write a term paper
  • Complete the Exam

How Your Grade Will Be Calculated

  • 15% = Class Participation (Textbook Quizzes, etc…)
  • 35% = Term Paper
  • 50% = Exam

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